Best Frameworks for Front-End-Development

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Best Frameworks for Front-End-Development
Now a day’s your website must be extremely flexible in order to satisfy different browsers, tablets, smart phones and a whole bunch of other handheld devices. Front-end-development frameworks are simply a collection of production ready HTML, CSS and JavaScript components that we can use in our web applications designs.

HTML, CSS & JS are the three essential tools for developing websites, but building a new website needs lots of code and time in order to complete tasks and with this we have to complete tasks within deadline. With the introduction of responsive technique due to mobile friendly websites creates a new era of development which we called as a framework. Well, generally frameworks are those languages which are used to make website mobile friendly, responsive and also it make website to extend itself to new dimensions.

Generally there are three types of framework introduced on the basis of their uses, need and specialty and these are

1)      HTML framework

2)      CSS framework

3)      JS framework 

Here is a list of certain frameworks which have proved their metal in the market on the basis of their usability and ability to manipulate websites according to developer choice: 

HTML Frameworks 

HTML frameworks are generally those frameworks which used HTML as a tool to manipulate websites look and feel and also it can convert this simple HTML into responsive one:

1) Sencha Touch is a user interface (UI) specifically built for the Mobile Web. It can be used by Web developers to develop a platform for mobile web applications that look and feel like native applications on supported mobile devices.

2) The Foundation provides a responsive grid and HTML and CSS UI components, templates, and code snippets, including  forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

CSS Frameworks 

CSS frameworks are the advance version of CSS and CSS3 languages its main intention is to reduce complexity of CSS and CSS3 language and make coding much easier and make a mobile friendly website.

1) Bootstrap is a collection of codes which and frameworks which is used to convert a normal website into a responsive one.

2)  Pure is a set of simple codes used for seating converting and manipulating a normal website to responsive one too, but it’s simple approach is good for giving new way for website. Pure is a framework to be utilized by the users who are looking out to include special features in their projects instead of focusing on full-featured frameworks. 

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript as roughly said is a client side language used on HTML page and has the ability to manipulate web pages using scripting languages.

1) Angular.js is the easiest and the best way to make dynamic web pages. The main advantage of this framework is that it lets you use HTML as a language to make web pages and is used as an HTML extension while the  data binding and data dependency has ability to eliminate much of the coding which otherwise will have to write.

2) Meteor, or MeteorJS, is an open-source JavaScript web framework has written using Node.js. Meteor allows for rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) code. On the client, Meteor depends on jQuery and can be used with any JavaScript UI widget library. 

So these are a small list of the most popular frameworks which are widely used among front end web developers and are creating a new hike in the market.

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