6 Best UI Design Rules to Develop Mobile Apps

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6 Best UI Design Rules to Develop Mobile Apps

"Design is not exactly what it looks like and feels like, the design is a manner by which it works.”

This intense quote focuses on the importance of a great user interface design alongside a rich user experience. In simple words, the design of your mobile app can literally represent the deciding moment your mobile application. Along these lines, to make your mobile app a win, it should be beautiful all around. Here is some best UI design rule that can improve the usability and appeal of your app. 

To get an executioner mobile app UI design, the first thing you have to do is get a mobile mentality before you begin designing. 

1. App Icon:

Your mobile app icon should resemble a million downloads. The design of your app icon is a central point of the achievement. Here are few things to remember when designing your mobile app icon: 

You will dependably be going up against twelve of different apps, so it regards utilize an exceptional image or shape that is in a flash unmistakable on the user's screen. 

Avoid incorporating long labels in your mobile app UI design as there is less space and it meddles with the readability. Or maybe, you should choose to incorporate the principal initials of your image or organization. Utilizing organization logos is additionally an incredible thought. 

Remember to make a few varieties of your app icon before you submit your app for approval. 

2. Interaction Design:

When designing mobile apps, you can't ignore interaction design. It is one of the fundamental segments within the mammoth umbrella of user experience (UX) design. When you are building your mobile app, you have to focus on the three noteworthy mainstays of interaction design at the top of the priority list: 

Objective Driven Design-

To makes an objective-driven UI design for your mobile app, you have to break down user personas and situations. In light of this, you can tweak your app's work process to react to user needs. 


The usability is a vital component to make your UI design app attractive in the commercial center. The design of your app should be anything but difficult to utilize, that enables users to intuitively explore through the app. It should be a blend of innovation and great correspondence. 


Input Feedback is another crucial part of the design, as it approves activity of a user. In simple words, to tell users that the specific activity was finished, regardless of whether, through content, picture or sound is critical. Along these lines, ensure your app gives moment criticism to each cooperation. In any case, ensure feedback happens in a user-accommodating and auspicious way.

3. Context Rules:

Context Rules

Another design standard for making a convincing mobile app UI design is, content and design go as an inseparable unit. The duplicate of your mobile app design should be effortlessly caught on. While making content, you have to remember your objective users. Here are a few hints to remember while designing a convincing app duplicate: 

Avoid utilizing extravagant phrases that can hinder with cooperation. Keep in mind, the fundamental purpose behind writing duplicate is to urge users to accomplish an objective. 

Lengthy reading is not helpful for mobile users, to ensure the message you need to pass on appears to be quick as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Utilizing predictable wording over each screen is a good practice. The app should resemble an augmentation of your business or organization's image. 

4. Focus on Accessibility:

For a mobile app, you have to focus on finger-friendly design. As we probably are aware, fingers are considerably thicker than mouse cursors, so you have to ensure there is sufficient space for users to advantageously tap with a fingertip. In the event that there is insufficient space for writing helpfully, or if app buttons are excessively small or have been put excessively near one another then it might bring about a disappointing user experience. All things considered, fingers are around 45-57 pixels wide, which is greater than expressed design guidelines for touch targets. Be that as it may, while designing app, you have to consider individuals' fingers and how they will communicate with your Mobile app UI design

5. Know Your Colors:

Know your Colors

Select colors for your mobile app UI design admirably, as an awesome color plan is the very premise of an all around designed mobile app. Each color passes on an alternate significance and brings out various feelings, so choose those colors for your mobile app that supplements your image. A good practice is, to choose the color palette that matches your present organization colors as your mobile app should resemble an augmentation of your website. Utilization of many colors, textures, and composition tricks or substantial utilization of colors all through the mobile app can meddle with the considerable UX. To give your users a quality and intelligent experience, ensure the color differentiation that you utilize are drawing in and facilitate a superior perusing experience. 

6. Keep an Eye on Trends:

As we probably are aware, the design industry declines to stop and keeps on astonishing with new designs in view of the most recent innovation. Being a mobile app UI designer, it is vital to know and grasp the inventive patterns in the mobile app UI design courses with the goal that you design apps that are not dated. 

In conclusion, designing a mobile app is simple yet designing an incredible mobile app that enhances your main concern is challenging. Try not to design from a desk area of your work environment rather UI design with your end user at the top of the priority list. Furthermore, never attempt to fit excessively numerous highlights in your app, it ought to have one main role and comprehend it with flawlessness.

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