Important Steps To Become A UX/UI Designer

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Important Steps To Become A UX/UI Designer
There are various questions which get arises in the mind of some people who want to make a career in Designing field. All the doubts need to clarify as such a question gives a huge impact on their work.

There are various questions which get arises in the mind of some people who

want to make a career in Designing field. All the doubts need to clarify as

such a question gives a huge impact on their work. Some questions are as

below :


  • How can I get more into User Interference Designing part?

  • Where do I start as I wanted to know more about Designing?

  • What are the essential factors which have to be considered while designing?

  • How to calculate whether the design is good or bad?

  • What does it take to become a good designer?


These are some questions which every designer is facing at the time of start.

UX/UI design course must contain at least answers to these questions to

satisfied the learning designer.


From Where To Start?


Learning and Practicing it on your own is the key element that can make you

a better designer.”


Designing is nothing but learning and applying our creative ideas so that user

or viewer should get attracted towards it. It is about solving a problem. By

finding problems and creating the right solutions step by step, designing goes

on improving which result in creative website designing. Web designing

course will include all these factors.


There is a various area of designing such as UX designer, UI designer,

Graphic designer and many more. We will focus on UX/UI designer.


1. Know About UI Principles :


Before entering Designing world have some basic ideas and know more

about principles. Think creatively. What makes it good and what not are the

questions which need to arise in your mind.


Some basic principles of design are:


a) Color: Appropriate color choice is the key factor for any website and the

percentage of like or unlike of website by user mostly depend upon the color

you select. Whether to use warm color or cool, dark color or a light one,

combination of a certain color, font color should resemble the logo of the site

are some points you have to be choosy.


b) Balance: When we start with designing we see a blank page in front of us.

Here we have to calculate the layout of a particular page and accordingly

place all the elements. Here the proper balance is necessary. Accordingly

logo, text, images, sliders are placed.


c) Typography: Readability is an important aspect of web designing

parameters. The poor font which is not readable makes users keep a distance

from your content. Proper readable content makes text look attractive and

grab as much audience you want.


2. Go Through Creative UX/UI Designing Process :


Next step is to understand the designing process which you have to carried

out to make better output. The process is divided into four phases – Discover,

Define, Develop, Deliver.


  • In Discover phase designer start their work with proper research, applying their creativity, gathering information.


  • In Define Phase designer collect all the data which he discovers and define it in brief format where he gets a complete idea of how to design.


  • This is a phase where the actual product is created. Before that prototype on a sample basis is formed and in the process of trial and error designed to get the filter into best.


  • Delivery is a final stage where finishing of the product is done and the project gets finalized, produced and gets launched.


3. Develop Your Thoughts And Eyes For Design :


You need to train your eyes and thoughts to get whether designing is good or

bad, whether it is attractive or dull. Knowing only about principles is not

enough. Web designing course will cover some portion including tips so that

you can see in that point of view. Having looked at other good designing will

not only give you a hint to start your designing but you will get more an

more into the completion of designing.


4. Read Design Articles And Know About Designing Tools :


To keep yourself update about latest technologies and latest tools to create

web designing keep on reading new articles and blogs related to designing.

In this way, you will be getting more and more good things which will be

necessary for your further assignment and ongoing project.


Proper guidance and knowledge are necessary for building an attractive

website. These are some steps which are essential for a good designer and by

following all these points will definitely help you to make successful UI/UX



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