Future Scope in PHP

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Future Scope in PHP
PHP as a programming language has a vast scope in India as compared to Global IT market, a survey has suggested that PHP Developers has more scope than Java Developers on Global basis, so there is no doubt about scope in PHP.

Most of engineering student’s thinks a lot while choosing career as PHP Developer. But I suggest the people before thinking a lot about the future scope in this field you must take first your individual stand. Many people’s are working in this field and having good salary pay scale, so I think never think about future scope but think are your really capable to do this.

Web development is a big industry and many big giants of IT field are here like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. and many engineers are working here as PHP developer, forgot the global IT field our India is a pioneer at IT field we ourselves having big as well as small IT companies which are ruling the world and in India having great scope in IT field, on believing in industry it showing a bright career to PHP developer in this area. A survey shows that PHP having more career opportunities than the Java programmers. An engineering student can start his individual career in this field as freelancer.

Benefits for PHP Developer Who Looking For Scope 

There are many benefits for PHP Developer but one big benefit is after having a year of experience in web development field they got many offers from many other companies with good pay scale or package. Whereas other programmers have to get at least two year’s experience or more than that.

But don’t get over excited, as I told you that companies like HCL, Infosys, Microsoft and many other big companies hiring the PHP Developer they also expecting a lot from you so you must have extreme knowledge about PHP as well as other scripting languages. Another one benefits is salary of PHP developer while taking any job people first see how much he will earn while working in company so the average salary for PHP developer in India is  Rs. 4,49,730 per anum and this a good figure for any PHP Developer. Or as I told you can start your own freelance work as PHP Developer and earn great profit.

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