How Do You Become a UI or UX designer? What Kind of Design Courses Should You Take?

Learn about UI/UX web design, and how to become a UI/UX designer in this comprehensive guide.

UI/UX design is a part of website design and its aims to provide a positive experience that keeps users loyal to a brand or product. Today’s large and small businesses both understand the importance of being customer-centric rather than product-centric: that is, using data insights and UI/UX design principles to understand customer requirements or needs and design products and services accordingly, rather than launching products they think customers will want. User experience designers are among the most sought-after creative roles in an organization, alongside graphic designers, web designers, and creative directors.

What is UX design?

UX design, or user experience design, is the method or technique by which design teams build products that meet the brand promise of a company while providing meaningful user experiences for customers.

All aspects of the product’s design and usability must be examined in order to ensure a positive user experience. Among the many responsibilities of a UI/UX or website, Designers are conducting research and understanding user requirement and need.

The entire process of owning, purchasing, and even troubleshooting a product is considered when designing a product that provides a great user experience. For the most part, the user experience (UX) design goal is to create an effective and enjoyable customer journey that enables the user to achieve their desired outcomes.

Designers specializing in user experience (UX) study how people use products or brands, conduct usability tests and iterate on their designs due to this input.

What is UI design?

User-friendly interfaces are crucial for digital products that are meant to be used by the common public. The feel and look of an app or website’s user interface are referred to as user interface design. It’s important to consider the aesthetics of digital iconography, including how they’re shown on a website and the relationships between them. Interface design includes features such as fonts, colors, buttons, graphics, and menus.

All of these design decisions work together to make it clear to users or consumers what can be clicked, touched, or swiped and which of the series of buttons is the most significant.

How Do You Become a UI/UX Designer?

1) Teach yourself. Many fundamental UI/UX design skills can be self-taught. From prototypes, wireframes, and journey maps, the correct training and skills can help you meet the growing demands of this rising career field.

2) Take an online UI/UX design boot camp or online course. First, start with an introductory website design course and then progress into a UI/UX design certification course focused on career preparedness. This will help you master applied skills such as research, information architecture, prototyping, wireframing, and visual communication. Pick a course that allows you to build a portfolio (to show potential employers) and provides you access to an industry professional who can answer questions about the realities of a job as a UI/UX designer.

3) Incorporate UI/UX design principles into your work. If you already work for a tech company but not in UI/UX, you can always try to incorporate UI/UX design methods and design decisions into your work, especially if you work in product, marketing, or customer support. Start by collecting user or customer feedback through surveys, reviews, or content audits. Analyze and Compile the data and write a report based on your findings, emphasizing the most salient action items, and pitch these solutions to your team.

What Kind of Design Courses Should You Take?

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Certificate Course In PCTTC Advance Web Designing Training Modules

Module 1: What is user experience?
Module 2: Why UX has become indispensable?
Module 3: What we need to understand about users?
Module 4: Research techniques
Module 5: Prototyping
Module 6: Building a prototype
Module 7: The test setup
Module 8: How to moderate a test
Module 9: User Interface
Module 10: Visual Design Principles
Module 11: Design Tools & Software
Module 12: Responsive Design & Prototyping
Module 13: Client Live Projects
Module 14: Soft Skill and Interview Preparation
Module 15: Internship

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