Current trends in digital marketing

Digital Marketing is way of marketing using internet as a medium also known as Online Marketing. It has been on boom since Covid .As lockdown was imposed more and more business and services were forced to shift to digital space for marketing their brands and products. But Digital Marketing Field is highly volatile as the new trends keep emerging. With rise of Short video format, Social Media Giants like Facebook focusing on metaverse and rising buzz of machine learning and AI one has to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn out of necessity if not out of curiosity. We need to get our hands on these emerging Digital Marketing trends to be a firstmover. Same holds true for web designing and web development.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning -

  •   Artificial Intelligence is a way of teaching computer program to do things that generally require human intelligence while Machine Learning is a part of AI that imitate the way humans learn by improving its accuracy.
  • AI and ML have eased the process of Digital marketing. Amazon uses AI and ML to ship things before even buying it, they show recommended items to customer and now predict what they even need before they need it by using Predictive analysis.
  • It also monitors site traffic and boost SEO for more organic reach. It will be used in the future to analyse large set of data to predict future buying behaviour of customer. Using AI and ML means you can target them with product and services they need which will lead to higher conversion rates. AI is cost efficient, precise and effective tool to have in our arsenal.
  • AI and ML can been integrated in to the website design.

Voice Search Optimization -

  • Voice Search Optimization is a process of upgrading and streamlining your content according to voice search which will be shown in SERP. Voice search optimization aims to optimize your page to answer the questions for people when they conduct verbal searches.
  • This process allows you to have a chance to get your page read by the voice search device like Alexa, Siri, OkGoogle) whenever the user asks for information related to your page. SEO agencies should optimize their content according to this feature.
  • This trend is emerging because 70 % users use voice search to find information,75 % of voice search results ranks in top three pages on the SERP of goggle.   56% of voice searches were performed to look something up on internet.
  • With such a significant change in customer behaviour business need to redesign there content according to voice search to get conversions.

Metaverse -

  • Metaverse is a newer concept to explore.
  • Metaverse is currently owned by Meta (Facebook).It is a virtual space where people will be able to have real life experience with the help of Virtual and Augment reality.
  • Metaverse is alternate world where people will have a digital Avatar which will be able to do all possible actions. It is similar to gamming.
  • With metaverse we will be able to visit a shop online with try and haul feature.
  • Digital marketers will have an opportunity on their hand to promote business with try and haul. It will be whole new medium of Digital Marketing. Which is yet to be explored? SEO,PPC SMM will be greatly affected by integration of this new Digital Marketing Tool can also work for Web designing or Ecommerce store.

Short Videos -

  • This trend was first started by Tiktok, following which Instagram, Facebook and YouTube incorporated this trend.
  • Short videos are a smart way to reach the target audience.  It is a good tool to create brand awareness.
  • The average attention span of human has decreased to 8seconds which is shorter than goldfish Due to these reason short videos are an effective in marketing and awareness for our product. Can be integrated in website designing company.

Personalized Content and customer segmentation -

  • Personalization means making a content personalized to a segment of users while customer segmentation means showing content to same demographics or region.  
  • Personalization of content is key now in Digital marketing as users are bogged down with more and more ads and content, users have become quite skeptical about anonyms ads of business and their product.
  •  Its not the right strategy, it won’t convert users into potential customers .We need to target our audience and show them ads at right place and right time. We need to target particular demographic audience. we can also do personalized messaging to target particular demographics. We need to tailor our content according to respective platforms such that it can have higher audience reach in Website.

Story Telling -

  • Story Telling is important now days in Digital marketing and SEO campaigns because today customers or user not only wants to know what your business or product offer. He also wants to know how your product is better than other products and how you have delivered to your promise.
  • Your marketing Effort should shift your focus to storytelling. We should always remember at the end user is human .With whom we can connect emotionally .For that not only we need to tell them the qualities of our product but we also need to tell them why we are better than our competitors. It might not put your brand on top but can definitely be in the mind of the user.
  • Websites and Ecommerce store can be designed using storytelling technique.

Use of NFTs and crypto as Digital Payment Methods -

  • Non-Fungible Tokens are the digital assets that you can trade. Each NFT has a unique token that says that this is the original NFT and is owned by you. Nfts has changed the way of marketing.
  • Free NFTs are offered by many marketing companies. For example, Marriott Bonvoy created a raffle where winners will get their own NFT and 200,000 Bonvoy points.
  • These kinds of digital marketing campaigns have been targeted by high-end brands like Adidas, Marriott, etc only. 
  • Crypto currency there is 10-12 million active crypto investors in India and has been increasing since the returns are huge. 
  • Crypto currencies have become one of the major things for younger generation and therefore everyone wants to invest. Crypto investing platforms are using this need of the new generation and offering them FREE parts of 1 crypto currency to create awareness.
  • Use of NFT can be also seen in various Ecommerce website company flaunting NFTs and Digital signature.

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