How Web Design Can Improve Your Sales

From the smallest start-up to the biggest organizations, your online website is the soul of business and digital marketing is most important for you to boost or improve website sales and take the lead in the markets. Everything takes a revolving nature towards your website and your web design depends so much on what you’re trying to find. But a question that always is whether a good website design helps in boosting the sales of your business. With a raising number of businesses, many people are moving online for their chances of improving sales and moving forward in the business. Nowadays online competition is becoming stronger than ever and is trying extra for designing websites for overtakes the competition.

How the website looks depends on the future of the business too. If you want your business to be growing and in a successful mode, then make sure you’re designing your website accurately and giving the audience what they want in return. This way you may be getting your sales and consumer will be getting client satisfaction.

5 ways to improve your web design to increase sales

1) Integrate responsive design

When you understand the importance of web design for sales and business, you can understand the impact of having a functional site that appeals to your client. The first step to growing sales is integrating responsive design. Responsive design ensures your site adapts to whatever device somebody uses.

If someone accesses your website on their mobile device, responsive web design ensures that your site adapts to fit the smaller screen. The audience will have the same good experience that they would if they accessed your site on a desktop. You must integrate responsive design into your site because 37% of the consumer is more likely to buy from mobile responsive websites.

A good website design that’s responsive can help you improve sales for your business.

2) Optimize your website load speeds

Your e-commerce business is only as strong as your website. If visitors are met with unworthy design and painfully slow load speeds, they are going to leave before you’ve had an opportunity to make your pitch. According to Research from Stanford reveals that 75% of internet users will make judgments about a business’s credibility simply based on how its website looks. A Kissmetrics Infographic reveals that by the time your website hits 4 seconds of loading time, you’ve already lost 25% of your potential visitors. This can be a deadly statistic, as many first-time e-commerce businesses do not invest sufficient money and talent into their website development to overcome this barrier.

“If your e-commerce website hosts data-intensive graphics and image, it takes much longer time to load than a smooth, cleanly designed website with minimum graphics,” Lundin explains. “The takeaway here isn’t that you should eliminate image and graphic elements from your e-commerce website design. The lesson is to use design elements smartly for maximum effect and faster load speeds.”

Lots of e-commerce stores are photo-heavy. “Make confirm that you minimize your image file sizes as much as possible while still sustaining good quality. Artful and intentional use of color, text, and white space can go a long way. Throw in a few minimum brand-specific graphic elements and you can make a website that is a pleasure to navigate,” Lundin adds.

Also, when working with your website designer, make sure to communicate that fast load speeds are a very high priority. You can also use a free tool like Pingdom to test your website load time for the average visitor by location.

3) Use high-quality visuals

If you want to improve sales with web design, focus on using high-quality visuals. Visuals play an important role in keeping your visitors engaged on your page. Because you have blocks of text on your web page and nothing to break them up, you risk pushing your audience away from engaging with your website.

Walls of text can feel overwhelming, which causes the audience to bounce from your website. Additionally, if your visuals, like product images, are not good and high quality, your audience won’t be able to see them. It will also give them a negative impression of your website and can make users perceive your website as unsafe or untrustworthy.

Good website design includes high-quality visuals that help increase the user experience. You can use videos, photos, or graphics to add a visual pop to your website.

4) Simple Navigation

Making it fast and easy for customers to find your products with clear and brief navigation and a search bar is one of the simplest techniques you can incorporate to boost online sales. The best place for this navigation is at the top of the page which will allow visitors to get the information they are searching for or be enabled to make a quick purchase.

5) Use white space

If you want to increase sales with website design, make sure you utilize white space. Many organizations make the mistake of trying to fill every inch of their website page with information or visuals. The reality, however, is that overloading your site can make it more distracting and overwhelming for your users. White space is fundamental to good design. It allows you to have a clean website and keep your users focused on important information. Apple’s website is a great example of utilizing white space to keep audience focused.

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