When and How to Use Different Types of Marketing?

The beast that is digital marketing is which networks should you be watching? What exactly are SEO and PPC? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each digital marketing strategy? How do you even begin?

We’re going to look at the top 10 kinds of digital marketing to help you out. Although the boundaries between the various options are blurred, at least you will have a sort of menu from which to select.

When making a decision, the standard inquiries will apply: Who are you trying to reach with your marketing efforts and WHY do you want to use digital marketing? This will assist you in selecting the appropriate formats and channels to accomplish your goals.

Types of digital marketing

1. Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” refers to useful and informative content like blog posts, instructional videos, and other forms of media. You can connect with your audience and answer their questions with this kind of marketing. It can also assist in closing sales and generating leads.

The intended audience should be considered when publishing content on a regular basis. By publishing trustworthy, high-quality content, your brand should ideally establish itself as a respected voice in the industry. You want your audience to first turn to you for the most recent industry trends.

2. Search engine marketing

The goal of search engine marketing is to get your website to the top of the results when someone searches for your brand, products, or other relevant terms. Consider both Google (which, let’s face it, is the primary one) and Bing (often installed on business computers, which is advantageous for B2B!). It encompasses both organic or natural search (also known as SEO) and paid search (also known as pay per click, or PPC), as well as mobile devices and desktop computers (as well as smart home assistants these days—see number 10—audio marketing).

3. Video Marketing

Videos that are short and to the point are more effective than texts at attracting customers in today’s fast-paced environment. Live or pre-recorded video content is a dependable option for digital marketing, whether it’s educational or entertaining. Every month, more than 2 billion people search for something on YouTube. Video marketing strategies drive results throughout the marketing funnel, making it a promising chance to reach new customers.

Search engines and videos are used by 80% of customers to learn about products and read reviews. 55% of people do it before making a purchase.

4. Mobile marketing

Many other types of marketing will overlap with mobile marketing, which is almost as broad as digital marketing itself. It involves adapting everything you do on a desktop to a mobile device, as well as doing mobile-specific tasks like sending text messages and using social messaging apps and in-app advertising. If you want to reach a younger audience that spends a lot of time on their phones, this is especially important.

5. Email Marketing

Invite visitors to join your email subscriber list each time they visit your website or business. You can send emails about sales, upcoming events, or new products with their permission. Email marketing is often undervalued, and Lyfe Marketing estimates that for every dollar spent, about $40 in revenue is generated.
The fact that this digital marketing channel should offer value to your audience is the most crucial aspect. If you give those exclusives that they won’t get anywhere else, you can build a relationship that works for both of you and make them more loyal to your brand.

Let’s now examine the specifics, such as when and how to use the various forms of digital marketing, now that we know what they are.

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing channels include social media marketing and platforms like Facebook and Twitter. To reach a new audience, you can buy ads or create a profile for your business on any social media platform and post about new products, sales, or content that has just been published.

The kind of audience you want to reach will determine which social media platform you use. For instance, Pew Research found that people between the ages of 25 and 29 are best served by Instagram, while people over 65 are best served by Facebook.

When and How to Use Different Types of Marketing?

Different digital marketing strategies will work better for your business depending on where it is in its development.

SEM, social media, and affiliate/influencer marketing can help you quickly reach new audiences for new businesses looking to expand their audience.

Focus on creating valuable content and cultivating brand loyalty through channels like email marketing after you have established an audience. To ensure that your website continues to receive new organic traffic, create this content with SEO in mind.

Invest in a training course like Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Training course to advance your digital marketing strategy to the next level. This kind of program will give you all the information you need to make the best strategy.

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